Can the MS Visual Foxpro ODBC driver create a FoxPro 2.5 database? 
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 Can the MS Visual Foxpro ODBC driver create a FoxPro 2.5 database?

I am trying to provide legacy support for some of our clients who
depend on our previous system's ability to export data in FoxPro 2.5
DBF format. The current system is written in VB6, using ADO for
database connectivity. I figured out how to connect to the VFP ODBC
driver and create a table, but the table can't be opened by Fox 2.5;
apparently MS changed the table format a bit for Visual FoxPro and
this is what's created.

The MS Knowledgebase references a "version" connection parameter for
the driver, but it does not list any valid values. I've tried "2.5",
"FoxPro 2.5" and "ABCD", but the table format never changes, and the
driver never complains (come on, version "abcd"?!).

So, does anyone know if it's even possible to create a table in the
Fox 2.5 format through ODBC using Microsoft's VFP driver? BTW, the
driver version I have is 6.1.8629.1, using MDAC 2.7.

Thanks in advance,

Tue, 16 Nov 2004 21:28:46 GMT  
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