VB and oracle 7.1 
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 VB and oracle 7.1

I am having trouble doing updates to records in an Oracle 7.1 database table.  
I use CreateDynaset to see if I have matching records.  If there are no
matching records I can use MyDb.execute <sql statement> to insert records but
I am at a loss on how to get updates to work.  If I use MyDB.Execute with the
update sql statement I get a "operation must be an updatable query" (something
like that, err=3073).  If I use MyDB.EXECUTESQL(<sql>) my machine hangs.   I
have taken the sql statement and run it in SQLPlus (oracle's tool) and the SQL
works fine.

Environment is PC running win 3.11, VB 3, Oracle 7.1 running on an HP9000


Sun, 05 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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