ANN: Zip Code/Area Code/Time Zone Data and Components 
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 ANN: Zip Code/Area Code/Time Zone Data and Components

KJL Software ( has developed 2 DLLs for use in systems
that need access to current zip code and/or area code information.

USPSZIP.DLL provides real-time access real-time Internet access to the US
Postal Service web site for Zip+4 and City/State by Zipcode lookups.

AREACODE.DLL provides real-time Internet access to the North America
Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA) for area codeby City/State and
City/State by Area Code lookups.

These components have been developed with the Visual Basic and Foxpro
developer in mind, and come with samples in both those systems.

If you need access to timely US zip code, area code and time zone data for
your applications, please consider a new source for this information. KJL
has developed and maintains a monthly subscription database, distributed via
email. The distribution contains:

5-digit Zip Code
USPS Status Code
Area Code(s) for over 99% of entries
Time Zone (as an offset from UCT) for over 99% of entries
Latitude for over 95% of entries
Longitude for over 95% of entries

for the zip codes flagged as acceptable by the US Postal Service. The
monthly installments are delivered as comma separated value files in
compressed format.

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