Need HOT ODBC driver for Ingres ! 
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 Need HOT ODBC driver for Ingres !

Can anybody recommend a good ODBC driver to access Ingres with ?
I have tried ASK Groups Ingres/ODBC driver v1.01 and it is a
real dog.
Can anybody tell me of thier experiences with the following
drivers (timings etc.) :
1. DDA ODBC from Bull
2. Cross Access ODBC from Cross Access
3. DAL Client for Windows v1.5 from Independence Tech.
4. EDA/Extender from Information Builders
5. Openlink ODBC v1.1 from Openlink
6. ODBC Pack v1.2 from Q+E
7. SequeLink v2.5 from Techgnosis
8. SQL Retriever v3.0 from Visionware

Thanks in advance.

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Sun, 31 Aug 1997 03:50:48 GMT  
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