Netscape DDE and OLE problems 
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 Netscape DDE and OLE problems

2 Questions about Netscape DDE and 1 about Netscape OLE

1) Can I alias an OLE automation object method name so that the
dispinterface shows another name than the one declared in the class
module? Netscape DDE requires that the OLE Server class for
WWW_RegisterProtocol have a "void Open( LPCTSTR pUrl)" method. OF
COURSE that won't work in VB because it's the name of a VB builtin

2) Does anyone know how to make the WWW_RegisterProtocal DDE Request
work with VB? When I use the code listed below, Netscape returns 0
(failure!). When I tried with the VC++ sample called DDETEST, it
worked just fine! (My application is compiled ddecli.exe, internal
name ddecli, and the application form, where text1 resides, is named
ddecli, and has a topic ddecli -- I started calling EVERYTHING ddecli
cause i didn't know what i was doing anymore :-((

   Dim QT$
   QT = chr$(34) ' I use this in SQL statements cause it's clean
   text1.LinkTopic = "Netscape|WWW_RegisterProtocol"
   text1.LinkItem = QT + "ddecli" + QT + "," + QT + "myprotocol" + QT
   text1.LinkMode = 2' automatic
' this changes text1.text and asc(text1.text) = 0 !!!!

3) If it did get my protocol registered with DDE, would text1 change
when Netscape called my protocol? What would the signal be? It cannot
be the text1_notify event, since Netscape won't allow the connection
in linkmode 3 (notify).

Please send me any help. I'm getting pretty good at reading technical
descriptions, but it's not easy to translate the syntax to VB code!

I got my info from " http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;,
but only the simple stuff works with my DDE application as a client ,
like OpenUrl. I checked the sample
http://www.*-*-*.com/ :4040/marketing/Mosaic/, but that
wasn't enough.

I want my VB program to be a server to Netscape and handle my own
protocol, whereby clicking on <A HREF="MyProtocol://something">Click
hereA> will cause Netscape to call my app.

Sorry about the long post, but I had a long night yesterday trying to
work this out.

Tue, 27 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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