how to combine landscape and portrait printing 
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 how to combine landscape and portrait printing

I am experienced in Clipper, and am used to being able to combine landscape
and portrait printing on the same page using a third party product called
ESCAPE for the HP LaserJet family.  I am currently porting an application
over to Visual Basic (4.0) at the request of a client, but cant seem to get
VB to allow me to do the same thing.  Does anyone have any idea how to do
this in a Windows-based language?

The visual Basic documentation states that it cant be done, however at
least for printers supporting PCL5, I know this to be untrue.  Also, since
windows seems to print all true type text as graphics, or at least allow
that as an option, it seems to me that there should at least be a way to
trick VB into doing this by writing the desired text as a graphic to disk
then including that graphic as a "picture" on the output form.

any ideas or suggestions?
D. A. Murray
D.A. Software Solutions
{*filter*}ia Beach, VA

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Mon, 24 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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