Getting rid of read only status on Foxpro database used in Visual Basic 6 application 
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 Getting rid of read only status on Foxpro database used in Visual Basic 6 application


I am rather new to Visual Basic and encountering numerous of problems.Being
unable to find answers to those in books and MSDN and other help files I try
this way. When I (test) run my appl. I get the following message after
klicking the Add button to ad a new record to my linked table in my Visual
Foxpro database:

'Run-time error '3027': Can't update. Database or object is read only.

How can I get rid of the read only status of my Visual Foxpro database
within Visual Basic 6.

Many thanks,

Michiel,  Amsterdam

Mon, 07 Jul 2003 00:08:25 GMT  
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