Numerous VB4.0a Problems ????? 
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 Numerous VB4.0a Problems ?????

I have been using VB4 for a year and all of a sudden I've got these

1.   I just recently got the VB4.0a maintence release but there is no
indication (in the help about or anywhere else that this is the VB4.0a
release.  Any one else????
2.   Anytime I try to open the datamanager on a particular database or
when using the bound controls trying to assign the recordsource property
I get a GPF in msajt200.dll.  Anyone else?????
3.   Crystal Reports works great on the development machine but crashes
on client machines with a 20000 error.  Used to work with VB3.  Anyone
4.   There is a know bug when updating tables with multiple joins that
MS says is a trappable error (number 438)  I have not been able to trap
this error.  When using debug it appears the error (Object does not
support this method or properity) triggers before any of the methods in
the data control????  anyone else?????

Any help on these issues would be much appreciated.....


Wed, 03 Mar 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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