Dbase or other databases 
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 Dbase or other databases

Can anyone helpp answer this?

I'm new to VB and I am thinking of writing some app to use some existing
Dbase files?

1) Do I need any special licensing to distribuite my apps (when they access
my Dbase style files)?

2) I am asking the above, because I was previously told by a VB programmer
that to use a app he wrote, the site would also have to purchase MS Access.
Is this to a particular version of VB or is this not necessary? For myself,
I am using VB 6.

3) Can anyone tell me where to start in VB 6? I've had  ago with the usual
Northwind.mdb but I need to learn how to hook up to Dbase files as well (I
will gradually phase the pass away from Dbase though).

Many Thanks


Fri, 05 Sep 2003 10:14:34 GMT  
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