Help- calling oracle procedure from VB5 RDO 
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 Help- calling oracle procedure from VB5 RDO

Hi Every One,

I have a problem calling stored procedures in Oracle from Visual Basic(VB)
and I like to know if there is a solution.

Here is some preview to my problem:

        Normally Oracle Stored Procedures can be called from VB, but the
problem comes when the parameters are passed through the stored procedures.
By using RDO in VB5 and Microsoft ODBC for Oracle, I succeeded in calling
Oracle stored procedure from VB.

        However when I call another user's stored procedure with parameters,
then I run into problem.. Here is the section of the VB code:

Public qSP As rdoQuery
Public con As rdoConnection

Set qSP = con.CreateQuery ("vb5rdo", "{ call chen.testproc ( ? , ? )}")  
' Chen is the other user in Oracle
qSP.rdoParameters(0).Direction = rdParamInput  
' and the procedure name is testproc with two
qSP.rdoParameters(1).Direction = rdParamInput    
qSP(0) = "input_str1"                          
' these are the two inputs to the procedure
qSP(1) = "input_str2"                            

        Any help will be greatly appreciated.

        Mahesh Yadav

Tue, 01 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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