Various VB3 Pro and Access 2.0 Q's 
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 Various VB3 Pro and Access 2.0 Q's

Hello VB Database experts!!

I have been developing using VB3 Pro and Jet 2.0 (Access 2.0) for
some months and I have a few Q's. I have had a look through the
docs and FAQ's etc but don't seem to be able to get any definitive
answers to any of these Q's, but I do appologise now if any of
these are easy!!


I have an application written in VB3 Pro which stores data in a
series of Access 2 Tables, using the Jet 2 compatability layer. I
am currently only using Tables / Indexes and Fields, I am **NOT**
using any Dynasets / Recordsets or Querydefs etc.. All searching is
using seek's on indexes for speed..

BeginTrans/CommitTrans and Rollback

1)      If I use these commands and the computer crashes before it
        gets to the CommitTrans then what happens when I go back to
        my database, do I need to Rollback..

2)      How do these commands work with multiuser systems - e.g. If
        I have multiple Users all accessing the same Table all
        doing various updates using BeginTrans. If the system fails
        half way through a number of these what happens!! Will a
        single Rollback sort them all out?

3)      Do these commands only work while adding new records or do
        they work while editing existing records. For example If I
        edit a record and change one field in it and then rollback
        will that field go back to what it was before.


1)      Is it possible to set a password on the Database / Tables
        so that a user cannot edit that database / tables through
        Access directly without the password..

2)      Recently I had a situation where one of my databases became
        corrupt - is there any facilities I can add to my VB app to
        allow for repairing corrupt databases.

That it for now!!

Could you please mail me direct as well as posting to this newsgroup
as I don't allways get chance to read the news.

Many, Many thanks in Advance


Steven Law, General Manager
Hallman Computer Company Limited
Manchester, United Kingdom
Tel: UK 0161-428-4272, Fax: UK 0161-428-0514

Tue, 12 Aug 1997 08:42:17 GMT  
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