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 Ping to SQL Server

I am modifying existing application for remote access which uses
CT Library to access SQL Server.
We have set timeout for remote access. If there is no activity
for n minits, the link is dropped. If new request is made, then
attempt is made to establish the link and then send the packet.
When application attempts to send the request while link is
dropped, the processor is hold up by CT Lib call. So there is no
chance for remote access software to reactivate the link.

What are my alternatives to avoid this Catch-22 situation.

Can I ping the server before sending the request. If ping
returns success, then send the request. If not then wait for
some time (to allow for reactivating the link) and try again.
How can I ping the server from VB Application?


- Anant

Tue, 27 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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