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 Sheridan Designer Widgets

I recently received an upgrade notice and costs for the Sheridan Designer
Widgets.  About a year ago I purchased the product for $139.00 plus tax
and shipping.  Ever since then I have been calling them to report
problems and to find work arounds.  Almost every call yielded me sitting
on the phone discussing their problems and them documenting them.  I've
sent them many letters reporting pages and pages of problems.  After all
of this it appears that they want to fix the bugs (some of which are
extremely major) by releasing another a major upgrade (to Version 2.0).  
It seems that rather then address my concerns and provide me with a cost
effective fix (preferrably free because they created these problems) they
want to charge me $99 to upgrade to version 2.0.

This seriously upsets me.  I thought since they were pulling such a fast
one like this I'd let you all know what they are up to.  

When I say that there were literally hundreds of bugs I am not kidding.  
They should at least have solved our problems by releasing a maintenance
upgrade.  Maybe they did; does anyone know?  Regardless, I thought I
should let you *all* know this.  To me it is a rip off.

Jim Blaich
Windows Genealogy 2.0 Author
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Wed, 24 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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