Max. length of SQL string in openrecordset statement 
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 Max. length of SQL string in openrecordset statement

(sorry for my bad english)

I tried to select records from table in Access database. I have VB 5.0 with

The statement is:

set data1.recordset = database.openrecordset("Select A, B, C from tbname
where A=a order by C asc, D desc")

When lenght of string "Select ... " is smaller then 261, then it is OK. But
when lenght is bigger then 260, vb send message about error in string. Error
description is always the same, but string, which is shown in
err.description, not. If I want to create a select longer then 260, I must
use a querydef. There is no problem.

Does anybody know more about this problem?


Mon, 11 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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