ODBC-connection to BASIS ODBC Driver 
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 ODBC-connection to BASIS ODBC Driver

Hello there,

My system is running VB5 and Access97 with Windows95 for the OS. I tried to
access a remote database on a UNIX-system which runs PRO5 BBX. For this
connection BASIS supplied the BASIS ODBC Driver version 1.01.0000.

In the properties for the ODBC 32-bit driver manager I configured my
database and saved the configuration as "mydatasource.dsn".

Now I am able to acces my database by MSQuery and the Borland database
engine, but it doesn't always work for MSAccess97. For one table everything
works well, but for my two other tables I always receive the right
databasetable but without any data.

In VB5 I first made sure that in the properties of my project the
references for DAO 3.5 and RDO 2.0 are checked.

In the VB5-applications I used a data control and set the properties
        Connect to "ODBC; DSN=mydatasource"
        DefaultType to "2-UseJet"
When trying to set the recordsource to one of the tables in mydatasource,
VB comes up with this message:
        Reserved Error [-1038]; no message available for this error

After this I tried to set the following properties:
        Connect to "ODBC; DSN=mydatasource"
        DefaultType to "1-UseODBC"
        RecordSource to "SELECT * FROM TABLENAME"
When running the application it comes up with the error:
        IM001: Driver Manager does not support this function.

My questions are:

1. Are there any known problems with the Microsoft Jet engine working
together with the BASIS ODBC Driver?

2. What code or settings should I use to access my databases with VB5
through ODBC-direct, so I can skip the Jet engine?

3. Can anyone supply the right settings for the data-control so I will be
able to access my tables from VB5?

Thanks for your help anyway...

Cor Joppe
The Netherlands

Sun, 20 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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