Free Oracle tool for caller 10,000 
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 Free Oracle tool for caller 10,000

The Tool for Oracle Application Developers is about to
experience web hit #10,000.  The 10,000th user will get
a free working copy of TOAD.  Oops, everyone already
get's free copies.  I guess the 10,000th user will only
get to see a lot of zeros.

Seriously though,  10,000 hits in a very few months is
really great guys.  Many thanks to everyone who has
worked through the kinks and provided brain fodder for
additional features.

P.S. to whomever is sending {*filter*}-grams to the competition
about TOAD, I personally have no quarrel with you.  But
the return mail always seems to end up in my mailbox!  So
how about including a fax number on your messages.

Tool for Oracle Application Developers

Sat, 02 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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