ODBC Direct and SQL Server 6.5 
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 ODBC Direct and SQL Server 6.5

I'm currently trying to convert a JET database driven app to SQL Server
6.5.  using JET is too slow.I have no problems retreiving the data.  

Now, the problem occurs when I try to move or edit a record.  I gives me a
method not supported error with the .movefirst,next,last,previous and I get
a database is read only with the edit and updates.  I've tried using both
database and connection objects, and I get the same errors.  

I think I'm probably missing something pretty simple, but I just can't seem
to figure it out.

I'm new to using ODBC in this manner, so sorry if I offend anybody with
this possibly simple question.

Daniel Gaudreault

Sun, 05 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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