Introducing MoneyedMail to comp.lang.basic.visual.databas
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 Introducing MoneyedMail to comp.lang.basic.visual.database

      *** Automatic Notification From MoneyedMail ***

Dear comp.lang.basic.visual.database members,

MoneyedMail for their newsgroup request below.  MoneyedMail has
verified the funds for this reward.  This means the Sender will pay
the reward amount for the solution to their request.  The Sender may
pay the total reward to a single respondent or may divide it among the
 respondents that together satisfy the Sender's request.

To participate in this request:

1. VISIT MoneyedMail to confirm validity of this message:

Visit the following link to verify authenticity of this message from
MoneyedMail and to view the latest status of this request. You can
also register from that page at any time:

the Sender's request.  This ensures that your reply is correctly
listed when the Sender closes this request and allocates payment among
 top respondent(s).

3. INCLUDE the request reference number in all your replies:

Include the following line in your replies to the Sender's request.

   MoneyedMail Ref#: BX3S5-9A1MF-3JNUVJKD1L4TKHEO

The MoneyedMail service encourages Senders to close their requests
within 7 days and to distribute the $60.00 reward among the winning
recipients/respondents.  Note that the Sender may choose to award all
of the reward to one of the respondents, or may divide it among them.
 The Sender can also opt to pay none of the respondents if a
satisfactory response is not received.

MoneyedMail will notify you by email when the Sender has closed this
request. At the same time, you'll receive instructions for collecting
your payment.  To learn more about MoneyedMail, please visit:


MoneyedMail Administration
Your trusted third party in email transactions

----- Original Message -----
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 19:35:39 -0400

Subject: Introducing MoneyedMail to comp.lang.basic.visual.database


>I would like to introduce the MoneyedMail service to members of
>comp.lang.basic.visual.database.  MoneyedMail is a way to add a
>value to a newsgroup or email message as an incentive for a reply or
>payment for a problem resolution.  Our hypothesis is that a monetary
>incentive can speed up the resolution of time sensitive questions and
>allow the monetized exchange of expertise on public forums such as
this one.

>This message is itself an example of MoneyedMail.  I'm offering $20
>each of 3 people (i.e. a total of $60) interested in exploring the
>hypothesis.  I initiated my offer simply by carbon copying (CC)

>minutes by one from MoneyedMail verifying my offer and my ability to
>for it.

>Exploring the MoneyedMail hypothesis means using a portion of the $20
>you would receive to add a monetary incentive to one or more
>questions you post to this newsgroup or similar ones (same type of
>questions as you normally post).  If you are interested, here is what
>you need to do:

>1. "Reply to Sender" of this message (i.e. me at


>2. Include in your reply the MoneyedMail reference number that you'll
>find in MoneyedMail's reply to this original message.

>3. Tell us some of your initial impressions of MoneyedMail.

>I will close this MoneyedMail "request" after the first 3 serious
>replies, paying $20 to each.

>For more information about MoneyedMail, please visit

http://www.*-*-*.com/ .

- Show quoted text -


>Thank you,

>Sam Markwell
>HotDisaptch, Inc.
> http://www.*-*-*.com/

Tue, 28 Sep 2004 07:37:33 GMT  
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