newbie Jet database question 
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 newbie Jet database question

To copy an Access database, you could create the database how you want it
with no data.  Then just copy that database wherever you want.  Use the
FileCopy in VB.  

FileCopy Source.MDB, Destination.MDB

If you always want to store the MDB file in the same directory as the
application executable, then you can use App.Path to get the directory name
of the MDB file to open.

Hope that helps,
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> I have been teaching myself VB using VB4 programming explorer book.
> and have been going through the chapter on the Jet engine.  It shows
> how to create a database file using the data manager and how you can
> use this file with a VB program. what it doesn't say is how I can
> create a new file of the exact same format with a different name.  I
> want to create a program that can save different files with different
> names.  even though the actual tables and fields and such will be
> exactly the same.

> I have also noticed that the example program cannot find the database
> file if I move everything to another directory.  I  need it to just
> look in the current dir to find it's files.  

> talk to me somebody..  I am clueless.
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