connecting to dBase III dbf table with VB 6 
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 connecting to dBase III dbf table with VB 6

Hi all,

I want to connect to a (dBase III) .dbf table using VB 6. I can do this
easily by adding a DAO or ADO data object to the form then setting up the
link to the .dbf table with the data object. However, if I move the .dbf
file to a different directory I (obviously) lose the link. How can I
reference the location of the .dbf table through a variable in code so that
I can then change the reference to the .dbf file at will? I've tried all
combinations of connectstring for the ADO object and can't find a way around
this problem. The reason for this is that I want to import data from the
.dbf table into an mdb, replacing data already in the mdb, so my code would
run something like:

-open mdb database
-open mdb table
-delete all records
-open .dbf table
-copy data record-by-record to the appropriate mdb table
-close dbf table
-close mdb database

Tue, 01 Mar 2005 05:32:47 GMT  
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