VB 4.0 Self Contained Executable 
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 VB 4.0 Self Contained Executable

You can pretty much bet that your users will need all of the files that the
setup lizard says it does -- and maybe (just maybe) another one or two.

I probably wouldn't, but I have all of the standard VB OCX files already on my
computer. You can't take the chance that everyone does....

As far as incorporating the .MDB file, no, you can't. And you probably shouldn't
even consider it unless the data will _never_ change. In that case you can build
it into a static array.

  >I'm creating my first VB program.  The database table is in a .mdb format.
  >Is there any way to wrap the tables into the executable so that only one
  >file (the .exe) will be all another person needs.    Also, this small
  >program I am trying as my first project needed to occupy 5 MB of space when
  >the "SetUp Wizard" put the program together.  What is the best way of
  >telling WHICH of all the files that are supposed to go along with the
  >executable really need to go with it.  (i.e. to another computer using WIN
  >95)  Thanks.

Mon, 23 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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