DBCombo: MatchEntry & Clicking 
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 DBCombo: MatchEntry & Clicking

I am having a two problems with my DBCombo control, and would
appreciate any help anyone could give.  The first deals with the
MatchEntry property, and the second heals with clicking the control
on the form:

(1) I want to enable extended matching.  Currently I can get extended
matching working when I have .Style set to Dropdown List.  The control
will "remember" my keypresses and progressively update the list entry.
This is exactly what I want DBCombo to do, except that I want it to
show me the characters it remembers.  (That would make it similar to
the way Help | Find works.)

I thought I could do this by setting .Style to Dropdown Combo, but no
dice: when I do this and then try to set .MatchEntry to Extended
Matching, I get the error that .Style is a read only property.

(2) During runtime, I want to be able to click on the arrow to drop
the list down.  No problems; however, I also want to be able to click
on an item in the dropped list, and have it pull up the proper
records.  Currently, all I can get it to do is select the item, but I
have to press return (which then executes my instructions in the
Keydown event.

I have tried moving my code that pulls up the proper records to the
Click event.  The problem with this is that when the keyboard is used
to go down the list, the Click event is run at each and every
keypress.  Is there any happy medium, where the item can be selected
(and the records called up) when I either (1) click an item on the
dropped down list, or (2) cursor down to an item and press return?

Thanks in advance.



Version: 2.6.2


Mon, 02 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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