Populating MS Flex Grid w/Data 
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 Populating MS Flex Grid w/Data

I have a VB 6 app that uses Access 97 as the backend.  I have MS FlexGid on
one form that is populated with data from one of the tables in the database.
Only one record is used to populate all the rows of the grid.  Because of
the 2000K limitation on the size of single records in access, I've often
been limited to the amount of data that I can use.  In some cases, we have
clients that simply have too much info to fit into this space.  What I would
like to do is be able to put each one of the client's plans into a different
row record on the table.  When the user opens the application and goes to
the form with the flex grid, the user will be presented with an option page
that allows him/her to choose, for example Plan 1, Plan 2, or Plan 3.  If
Plan 2 is chosen, then the grid will be populated with data from record two.
Is there a way to do this?


Lee Roper

Sun, 21 Nov 2004 09:51:30 GMT  
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