"seek" and "no current record" 
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 "seek" and "no current record"

Hello all...

I've seen in Dejanews this problem was discussion a few
month ago, but
I didn't found the troubleshooting.

I use VB6 and if the seek-function bring out a NoMatch I
cant interception
the error. It always show a popup-Window "No current record"
and then
come the next line of my code.
I found the method to bound the elements not at
develop-time, but at
running-time after seek - method.  But I use over 200 bounds
on my forms
and that is a lot of work.
The old version in VB 4 was running very good and now I
connvert the

Anyone have an Idea or have reading the troubleshooting here
ago ?

Please help me.....



Thu, 16 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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