Expiration date 
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 Expiration date

I created *.exe file for one of my projects, which its login form contained
an expiration  date, as well as password protection.
I wonder if I can get help showing me how to create a batch instead of
compiling the project again and re- install it every certain period?. In
another way what is the best way to approach activate or validate expiration
date, using such batch!!

Or should I add the date to classModule and compile it as a [ *.dll] , and
call it through the login form? If I replace the [old*.dll ] with the new
[*.dll] which has the validated date does it works? or this is a wrong
approach? any tips, Idea and guidance will be appreciated.

Best Regards

VB6- CAD2002

Sat, 23 Apr 2005 09:57:43 GMT  
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