Parsing data from ACT database 
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 Parsing data from ACT database


I need to parse the name field from an ACT database.  I am able to break up
this name(which is in one field) - Mr.{*filter*} S. Van{*filter*} Sr. - into seperate
strings. I use the Instr function to find the spaces and put each piece into a
string.  However, if you do a look up in ACT, it somehow knows that Van{*filter*} is
the last name.  The salutation, first name, middle initial and generation are
easy to find from the main string, however, I am having a hard time figuring
out how to find the two-part last name.  Would anybody know how ACT does this
or have any ideas how I should go about doing this?


Mon, 11 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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