FoxPro tables under VB6 
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 FoxPro tables under VB6

I need to be able to access FoxPro 2.5 tables from VB6. Jet 3.51

I have linked FoxPro tables to an Access MDB in the past with success.

However one of the FoxPro tables I now need to link has 12 index tags in a
CDX, while this in itself is not a problem, some of these tags have filter
conditions applied, and some of them are Unique indexes.

When I try and link this table using Access, it presents me with two tag
names from which to select a unique identifier (these are not tags with the
unique option set in FoxPro).

If I look at the .INF file created it only identifies one unique tag.

If I add a record while in Access, the tags do not get updated properly,
also the system crashes intermittently when trying to view the table, or
view its design.

Can this be done?

I can not import the data directly into an access MDB because the system I
am writing has to run in parallel with a legacy system written in FoxPro and
accessing the same tables.

Thanks in Advance

Dennis Mc

Wed, 31 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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