SQL 6.5 & NT 3.51 VB Problem (GPF) 
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 SQL 6.5 & NT 3.51 VB Problem (GPF)

I have a problem under NT3.51 Service pack 4 connecting to SQL 6.5 Via
ODBC using VB3.

We have tried the ODBC drivers from boith SQL server 6.0 and 6.5.

In total we are inserting or updating approx 120K records.

I a populating a number of tables with data taken from a flat file.
If there is a commit after 500 records (inserts) and the ODBC connection
is maintained throughout I get a GP Fault, this looks a bit like some
corruption has come in from somewhere. The GPF message has strange
characters in it (they look like NULLS as they are not displayed as
ascii, i.e. they appear a blocks in the dialog). Going for the usual
close ignore the sittuation persists eventually ending in the Win16
envorionment for NT eventually blowing up taking all 16-bit apps with

I have a work around which involves disconnecting then re-connecting to
the data source after each transaction has been commited. This incurs a
performance overhead.

Does anybody out there have similar problems or know of any relevant
service pack, patches updated drivers etc.

Any help gratefully recieved, thanks in advance
Dave Allen

Fri, 29 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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