Problem find a DATE (TIME) field using ADO 
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 Problem find a DATE (TIME) field using ADO

I am try to do a find on a date field that contains only the time part and
have problems getting it to work.

I am using ADO to access and Access 97 database using VB6. I have tried

adodc.recordset.find "[TimeLogged] = #15:30:00 PM#"

This sets adodc.recordset.eof to true.

adodc.recordset.find "[TimeLogged] = '15:30:00 PM'"

This sets adodc.recordset.eof to false meaning that the record is found. BUT
the recordset is not position to the 'found' record.

My database contains a table where the "TimeLogged" field is defined as a
date data type but only store the time part of it.

There is a record containing 15:30:00 PM.

Can someone please help?


Tue, 05 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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