dropdownlists and grids, which ways is the best? 
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 dropdownlists and grids, which ways is the best?

I am using currently a flexbound vsFlexGrid and would like to use a
dropdownlist or form on one of the columns, however the field becomes
uneditable, i.e. a nonentry field when I put the .colcombolist property on
the column, which is not acceptable for the user.

Are there ways to still do this with the vsFlexGrid or are other grids
better and what is the best way of implementing this?

The user would also like (I think it's called the autosearch feature) where
when you're typing in the code in the field it automatically finshes it with
the first match, but when you continue typing it only uses the typed in
characters to find the next match in the database table.

Please help me


Mon, 03 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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