VB4/Sybase System 10 
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 VB4/Sybase System 10

I have used VB3 in accessing Sybase System 10 with great success through
However,   with VB4 I get the error message "Data source rejected
establishment of connection" when I try to connect to the server.  In the
latter pages of the database book that comes with VB4 it mentions that
does not come with drivers for Sybase System 10 as VB3 does.  At this
time all
I want to do with VB4 is evaluate it as a development tool against
PowerBuilder  and a couple of other products.  Sybase has given me the
around and I'm tired of being transferred and put on hold.  Does anyone
any ideas on how to work around the connection problem?  Also, I'd
opinions on the two products as corporate development tools.

Mon, 20 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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