Primary Keys and VB5 ?? 
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 Primary Keys and VB5 ??

Thank you for finding the time to read this e-mail.

I have created an Access database using ACCESS97. The database houses
two tables (Machine, Components) and have created a primary key for
both and linked these two together.  Testing the database by building
a form within Access works fine - in the case that when I enter a new
Machine record, it automatically updates the Component table.

I then wrote some VB5 code to access this same database where a user
enters information into forms (designed under VB) then save the info
to the database, but this time the Components table doesn't update
like I saw under Access and as a result generates an error.

Do I have to redefine the primary and index keys again in my VB code -
I would have thought this would happen automatically as I have defined
the keys in Access.

I am only fairly new to databases so this question may seem strange.

Best Regards
Peter Moscatt

CIS: 100032,2114

Wed, 02 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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