RDO and True DB Grid Problem 
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 RDO and True DB Grid Problem

I am accessing an SQL Server 6.0 Database using VB 4.0 Enterprise
running under Windows NT 3.51.  I am using The RDO control to bind  a
True DB Grid (ver 4.0) to a huge SQL Statement.  I have about 50 or 60
columns of data coming back from this SQL statement, but I only need
to show like 17 at any one time using the grid.  Along with these 17
or so columns, I need to show some calculated columns based on other
columns.  The True DB Grid Manual has some samples, but they all use
the data control, and the recordset.clone() method.  there is no
Resultset.clone property that i am aware of.  

Also, when you create an unbound column in true grid 4.0 on a bound
grid, you must create a cpation for the column, but leave the
datafield property blank.  Then you must rebind the grid.  Since my
SQL statement is so large, I can't put it in the property sheet of the
RDO control.  I have to set it at run time.  even after I set the Grid
to 17 columns, and set the captions for the columns, when I run the
Rebind method on the grid, it defaults back to the 70 or so columns
which the SQL Statement returned.  Please Help!!  If you have any
suggestions I would really appreciate it! I really don't want to use
this grid in unbound mode.

Sat, 19 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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