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 Run-time Error 20000


My VB project allows users to lookup codes in an Access database which
holds approximately 1500 records in a table.  The user can print the
code record displayed on screen or can go to another screen to print a
range of codes.

I have written the program in VB 4.0 16-bit.  Users are on Win95 and
Windows 3.11 platforms.  I used the setup wizard to make my install
files which are stored on a shared drive.  Users install the application
to their PC's from the shared drive.


Some PCs generate a run-time error 20000 when the user attempts to print
a record or range of records.  The run-time error is not unique to Win95
or Windows 3.11 as it has been generated by users on each platform.

I have tried to get information by F1 when the error message is
generated but don't come up with anything.

Any ideas?  Missing .dll but setup wizard would have included these?



Mon, 05 Jun 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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