Activating the Win95 Screen Saver 
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 Activating the Win95 Screen Saver

I am trying to write my 1st Visual Basic program (hence newcomer) to activate
the Win 95 screen saver but I am having problem get it to do what I wanted.
The logic of my program is very simple:

        1. declare global functions (win api)
        2. find the screen saver name in system.ini
        3. use SHELL to activate the screen saver with /s option.
        4. end program

The problem I have is the screen saver name.  If I change the screen saver's
extension to 'exe', the program will work fine.  But if I leave the screen
saver extension as 'scr', I get a 'invalid procedure call' error.

What am I missing? Am I using the right technique to write this program?

Thanks in advance.

Pak Sau
York University, Toronto

(416)736-2100 x22792

Tue, 27 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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