Aretmis Data Control - Porting Clipper Apps to VB 
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 Aretmis Data Control - Porting Clipper Apps to VB

I am looking for anybody who has had experience with this Data Control when
porting Clipper Databases to Windows using VB5. Why is this not concidered
as an alternative to migrating apps to Windows from Clipper ?????, given
that VB5 is as easy to program as a VCR. Why is OOP languages with their
steep learning curve the only solution that is put up ie. VO and Delphi. I
would like to stir some debate in this area. I have used the Evaluation
Version of this controll in VB5, all seem to work OK, and access to Clipper
Databases seem work concurrently with DOS Apps. My view is VB is easier to
learn than VO, requires less time to get going, the tools available such as
DbGrid and FlexGrid are easy to set and update. The Artemis control allows
access to the entire Clipper Database and not just a subset like like
Microsoft's Jet Engine and DAO, the record locking and file locking is
similar to Clipper. The Syntax for access to the control is similar to

So why no interest in this product. It appear that the product is not
marketed, as an alternative to migrating apps to Windows.

My view is who wants to write reams of code to create objects in OOP,
access and assign methods etc etc etc, when VB gives you access to the
events queue through the IDE, and a few lines of code makes use of the
methods of those controls. The ability to incorporate any Antive X Controll
on the forms gives wonderful access to controls to perform task with few
lines of code like , email, faxing, scanning, etc. So whats wrong with VB
???, Maybe I have missed something or is performance is too slow ???.

I look forward to some coment

Lawrence Edelstein
Parcelnet Australia

Sun, 21 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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