Accessing Excel Data with Password 
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 Accessing Excel Data with Password

I'm trying to read a data table in VB4 (16 Bit) from an Excel 95 file saved
with a protection password. Whenever I try to access the protected file
with the code below, I get the error 3161: Couldn't Decrypt File.  This
works fine with the Excel File unprotected.  Here's the code:

Public Sub GetDatabase()
Dim ws1 As Workspace, db1 As Database
Set ws1 = DBEngine.CreateWorkspace("data", "Admin", "")
Set db1 = ws1.OpenDatabase("c:\data.xls", False, True, "Excel
End Sub

When I save data.xls without a password and use the following line,
everything is fine:
Set db1 = ws1.OpenDatabase("c:\data.xls", False, True, "Excel 5.0")

Any ideas?

Sat, 05 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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