Reports (Access v's VB) 
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 Reports (Access v's VB)

I'm now considering tackling VB to write a database project.   I am very
comfortable in writing code for Access and have, I believe a good
understanding of a database model.    I have glanced over some VB manuals
and third party text books.   I realize there are some differences in how
certain things are done, but basically my coding strategy  will remain the
same.     As you know in Access reports are defined in access and very easy
to manipulate.    I've noticed that for each report (Crystal Report) is a
separate file, separate to the VB application written.   Firstly is this
correct, and secondly if so for any decent sized database project there
would be literally 10's, 100's of separate reports.    Is Crystal Reports
the industry standard report writer for VB.      Could someone suggest any

Any advice would be appreciated.

Steven Taylor
Melb, Australia.

Thu, 22 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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