Access DB connection/manipulation problem 
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 Access DB connection/manipulation problem

My app uses a DataBase with 8 tables, of which 1 table is for general use
(that is: INSERT data into from an SQL query on one or more other tables &
for subsequent CrystalReport display). This app works fine when run from
within the VB5 development environment (IDE) & when the compiled exe is run
from within the VB project folder.

However when the compiled app is installed by the SETUP utility and run from
its installed folder, the CrystalReports displayed results are
unpredictable, sometimes they are correct but mostly they are wrong .. as if
the general use table has not been updated with new data after an SQL query
has been run. When I open the DB and check the general use table, its data
is in fact OK.

Is there some connectivity / OLE problem here? Have you heard of this
problem before? I use the MSjet 3.5 engine and CReports 4.6 that come with

Thank you for any help, Bob.

Sun, 15 Feb 2004 09:14:48 GMT  
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