Selecting items in a DB-list and passing fields from selected rec to a control 
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 Selecting items in a DB-list and passing fields from selected rec to a control

I am trying to use VB with an external DB using the DATA control with a
control with a DB-list and a series of textboxes by selecting items in a
DBlist and passing a field from the selected record to a textbox. I want
to navigate through the recs using the DBLIST, not the data control. In
the DBLIST_CLICK event, I do a MOVEFIRST. The event seems to kick off
twice, giving me a "Method not valid for this control" error. I would
have thought I could have exec'd MOVEFIRST a thousand times if I wanted,
since it should only position me to TOF for the recordset.

Has anyone else had problems using a DBLIST? If so, how dis you oversome
your probs? Can you offer advice on mine?

Mark Jordan
City of NN

Tue, 08 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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