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 SQL-Optimizer Product!

NEWS RELEASE                   9 a.m. EST, March 26, 1997

For More Information, Contact:          
Jim Rawlings, Sylvain Faust Inc.                
Phone:  (819) 778-5045, ext. 817        

SFI Introduces New Class of Products With Announcement Of "SQL-Optimizer"

Allows Oracle Developers to Manage, Analyze and
Optimize SQL Code Automatically;

Beta Program Scheduled to Open in April

HULL, Quebec - March 26, 1997 - Sylvain Faust Inc. (SFI) today announced
the "SQL-Optimizer" line of performance-management tools.  These products
are aimed at database developers, database administrators (DBAs), end
users and third-party application providers who are confronted with
poor database performance that often requires expensive, time-consuming
tuning exercises to correct them.  Poor performance is a major
stumbling block to the successful deployment of large data warehouses.

SQL-Optimizer will manage, analyze and automatically optimize SQL code
for improved SQL query performance at every stage of the database
development life cycle.  The new line of products captures SQL statements
sent to relational database engines, analyzes them and transforms them
into better performing alternatives that can  automatically replace the
original SQL statements.

"SFI is proud to unveil SQL-Optimizer - an entirely new class of products
for database development," said Sylvain Faust, president of SFI.  "SFI's
primary goal is to make database programmers and developers more
productive. SQL-Optimizer definitely achieves this goal and complements
our existing lines of productivity tools.  The time it will save in
analyzing and tuning complex databases will be welcome relief to those
involved database with programming".

Components of SQL-Optimizer Product Line

The SQL-Optimizer product line will be rolled out initially for Oracle
developers and comprises the following products:

Many tools used by Oracle developers and users generate SQL automatically.
SQL code generated in this way is difficult to capture for analysis and
performance improvement.  The Interceptor captures and analyzes SQL code
generated by applications that link with the Oracle Call Interface (OCI)
layer to access the Oracle database.  For users experiencing performance
problems with SQL statements generated by third-party products,
Interceptor dynamically transforms them into more efficient statements
without any user intervention.  Developers and testers trying to diagnose
performance problems will find Interceptor's OCI performance log feature
an invaluable tool to isolate an applications most costly SQL operations.

This module monitors the activity of database sessions and collects
performance statistics on SQL statements whose resource consumption
exceeds user-defined thresholds.  It will evaluate these SQL statements
to determine why they are resource-intensive.  The DBA module also
provides a query rewrite facility that searches for poor SQL constructs
and automatically rewrites them to produce semantically equivalent SQL
statements with dramatically improved performance.

This product provides the core services of SQL optimization and rewriting
that is embedded in the Interceptor and DBA products but in the form of a
C-callable API library.  Third party application vendors with products that
generate SQL can effectively supercharge their applications by allowing
SQL-Optimizer/OEM to have first crack at generated SQL statements before
sending them off to the database.

Beta Testing Program to Open in April
SQL-Optimizer for Oracle is scheduled to enter beta testing in April.
Corporations, database administrators, developers, programmers and
third-party vendors using or supporting Oracle database products who are
interested in participating in the beta-testing program are invited to
contact SFI for details.  Inquiries can be made by phone, (819) 778-5045,

the World Wide Web at http://www.*-*-*.com/

Founded in 1988, Sylvain Faust Inc. is an international software
development firm dedicated to the creation and sales of software tools
for the relational database marketplace that enable MIS professionals
to develop and deploy information-technology solutions for their
customers more rapidly and with higher quality.  Its products can be
used with most major database products including Oracle, Microsoft
SQL Server, Sybase SQL Server and Informix. SFI is a Microsoft
Solutions Provider and a member of the Oracle Worldwide Business
Alliance Programme, the Sybase Open Solutions Program and the
Informix Solutions Alliance.  SFI develops and markets the
SQL-Programmer database development environment, the SQL-Sombrero
family of programming utilities for Visual Basic programmers, and
the CompressIT compression library.

# # #

SQL-Programmer is a registered trademark and SQL-Optimizer,
SQL-Sombrero and CompressIT are trademarks of Sylvain Faust Inc.
All other product and company names mentioned herein are the
trademarks of their respective owners.

(Details at http://www.*-*-*.com/ )

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