Oracle PL/SQL Debugger here! 
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 Oracle PL/SQL Debugger here!

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SQL-Programmer with integrated De{*filter*} for Oracle PL/SQL enhances
programmer productivity and improves database performance.

HULL, Quebec, Canada, April 14, 1998 Sylvain Faust International (SFI)
today announced the beta version of SQL-Programmer with integrated
De{*filter*} for Oracle PL/SQL, a client/server solution that provides
a complete database back-end development environment supporting
Oracle Server.

SQL-Programmer with De{*filter*} enables database developers and
administrators to increase productivity, improve the quality of
applications and manage mission-critical information.

"SQL-Programmer with De{*filter*} for Oracle PL/SQL enables development
teams to be more productive, improve project management, build higher
quality, more reliable SQL applications, and increase their capability
to deliver projects on time and under budget," said Sylvain Faust,
president and CEO of Sylvain Faust International. "This productivity
solution not only improves the overall organization of database development
but provides corporations with a significant return on investment as

Extensive Tool Set
By including PL/SQL De{*filter*} functionality, SQL-Programmer allows the
programmer and administrator to manipulate and manage Oracle SQL code.
With this monitoring capability, the user can identify incorrect code
and edit it, enabling thorough management of clean code. By implementing
clean SQL code, SQL-Programmer with De{*filter*} dramatically reduces time
and effort on project work.

SQL-Programmer with De{*filter*} contains an intuitive user interface
enabling programmers to edit, maintain and test SQL code without
affecting the original source code in the database server.  This
capability protects the development environment from untested code.
In addition, the interface allows users to create multiple Personal Work
Folders to store information for fast reference, providing programmers
with a quick and easy way to build and share a knowledge base of objects,
information, and programming templates for various tasks and projects.
All the information on a particular project is thus stored in one place
for quick access and recall-as many times as required.

SQL-Programmer Delivers Measurable, Bottom-line Cost Savings
SQL-Programmer with De{*filter*} contains an Editor and Script Generator
that enable programmers to efficiently maintain all programmable objects
such as Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions, Packages, Views, Defaults,
and Rules. Now they can reach levels of productivity never before possible,
resulting in direct savings to the bottom line through increased
higher quality output, and reduced computing and hardware costs.

SQL-Programmer with De{*filter*} for Oracle PL/SQL is currently available in
beta with general availability of the product later this quarter.

SQL-Programmer, winner of the 1998 Visual Basic Programmer's Journal
Choice Award, also supports Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase.

For more information, call:
(819) 778-5045, Ext.152; fax: (819) 778-7943;
e-mail to:

The product demonstration for SQL-Programmer without the De{*filter*} component
is available on-line.  Also test-drive other products in the SFI suite
free, by visiting our web site: http://www.*-*-*.com/

About Sylvain Faust International

Founded in 1988, Sylvain Faust International is an international software
development firm delivering tools for enhancing programmer productivity and
accelerating SQL database performance across the enterprise.
SFI's client/server solutions support Oracle Server, Microsoft SQL Server,
Sybase SQL Server.

Another SFI product, SQL-Optimizer, is SFI's intelligent server
monitoring tool for Oracle Server, while SQL-Sombrero leads SFI's family
of programming utilities for Visual Basic programmers and Microsoft Internet
Information Server (IIS) Active Server Page (ASP) web server database

SFI is a member of the Oracle Worldwide Business Alliance Program, a
Certified Solution Provider, and a member of the Sybase Open Solutions
CODE/ISV Partner Program.


SQL-Programmer is a registered trademark and SQL-Sombrero, SQL-Optimizer,
and CompressIT are trademarks of Sylvain Faust International. All other
product and company names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their
respective owners.

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