ISAM (VBDOS Pro) Executable Stack Error 
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 ISAM (VBDOS Pro) Executable Stack Error

Could you possibly help with a quick tip regarding the following compile

[BTW, our target machine is an HP 200LX palmtop computer, which runs
VBDOS.exe programs quite well.]

We are trying to design a small VBDOS program (pro edition) that will
use an ISAM database file.  Our application runs within VBDOS no
problem.  The application also runs as an non-stand alone executable
(using the runtime module).  The application, however, never gets off
the ground as a stand-alone exe file (compiles without errors but
crashes on startup, see below).

The error we get is

"Run time error R6000 -- Stack Overflow"

when executing the program in DOS.

We have isolated (by compiling separate segments of the code) that it is
the following statement causing the problem:

OPEN "Data.MDB" FOR ISAM Project "Table1" AS #1

where "Data.MDB" is the ISAM database, "Project" is the table identified
by a TYPE declaration, and "Table1" is the name of the ISAM table.

Any thoughts?  Thanks.  Bye...

Gary Kah

Wed, 02 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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