AddNew/Update command & field searches 
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 AddNew/Update command & field searches

Please help me I have two VB 3.0 problems

PROBLEM 1.) While using the AddNew / Update combination on a dynaset I
recieve a compile error on the line dsDynaSet.Update. Here is the error

        "Reserved error (-18261);there is no message for this error"

Can anyone tell me what this means I believe my syntax is
is the actual src:

    'Add service record portion

    dsCurrServices.Fields("ServiceID") = GetNextServiceID()
    dsCurrServices.Fields("CarID") = CURR_CAR_ID
    dsCurrServices.Fields("Miles") = txtMiles.Text
    dsCurrServices.Fields("Part") = cboPart.Text
    dsCurrServices.Fields("Action") = cboAction.Text
    dsCurrServices.Fields("Notes") = txtNotes.Text

    dsCurrServices.Update   'GET THE ERROR On THIS LINE

PROBLEM 2.) I need a very efficient way to do a partial search on a
table/dynaset. For ex. search a table for the first record that begins
with "bro" after the search the current record could be brooks,
brookstein, depending on what was the first rec encountered. Any ideas
on this using the standard VB tools. I want to create a searchable text
box that after every char typed in it does a search for a match in a
table/dynaset... kinda of like the quicken 3.0 quick search fields

please leave me e mail ...Thanks so much

Fri, 29 Aug 1997 08:12:19 GMT  
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