Different Number of Returned Records 
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 Different Number of Returned Records

Hi guys... please help me out with this weird thing...

I had a query on Access(2000). This database has all the tables pulled
from a SQL server (2000), A program uses this database to send some
emails.. but the problem starts...   If I run the query (below) it
returns 38 records, but the programs says the query returns 94 records
but it sends about 134 emails!!!

SELECT Call.Call_Num, Call.AssignTo, Call.FchaComp, Call.FchaSol,
wtcDateDiff("d",[FchaComp],[FchaSol]) AS DaysSinceSolution,
WHERE (Call.AssignTo="alejandraa" or Call.AssignTo="mariof"  or
Call.AssignTo="karlae" or Call.AssignTo="gerardov" or
Call.AssignTo="victorg" or Call.AssignTo="favianr") and (Call.FchaComp
Is Not Null and Call.FchaSol Is Not Null AND
wtcDateDiff("d",[FchaComp],[FchaSol])>0 AND Call.emailflag Is Null);

Tue, 01 Nov 2005 01:55:57 GMT  
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