JOB: Northern NJ; VB6 Consultant 
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 JOB: Northern NJ; VB6 Consultant

Get paid to learn Windows 2000 and XML!

Consulting opportunity for VB6 developer with 2-3+ years of solid
VB development experience under NT/2000. This position will be
developing large-scale imaging and workflow software using
cutting edge technologies in a large team of top developers.
Located in Northern NJ, this position is long term and a great
commute from the NY or NJ suburbs. Will be learning Windows 2000,
XML, COM+, and other leading development tools.

Great communication skills and English proficiency are critical
for this position.

If you have 2-3+ years of solid VB6, Oracle, are a team player
and have good communication skills, contact us now!

Gedaliah Friedenberg

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Tue, 05 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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