Crystal Reports 6.0 RDC, new instance each report? 
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 Crystal Reports 6.0 RDC, new instance each report?

im using the free crystal rdc 6 from seagate.  i have about 20 reports to
do.  do i have to have an instance of the designer loaded for each report?
even at 2 reports i get an out of memory error...


Mon, 01 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
 Crystal Reports 6.0 RDC, new instance each report?
I'm afraid so.  For each report, add a designer to the project.

But if you're running out of memory, see if you can group them together and
customize the designer for each report at run time (i.e. renaming fields,
hiding/showing fields, etc.)

But each designer is like adding another form or module.  I don't think they
take up that much memory.  But I don't know.

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