Too many local, non-static variables 
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 Too many local, non-static variables


I am trying to access a dbase table whenever the click-event occurs for
a drop down list box. I want to use code and I've consulted the help on
the matter and I was told to use the following syntax:

Dim dbsJet As Database
Dim rstAccounts As Recordset

' Open external dBASE database.
Set dbsJet = OpenDatabase _
        ("\\dBASE\Data\AP", False, False, "dBASE III;")

 This is word for word, exactly from the help.
When I try to run this I receive the error: "Too many local, non-static
variables" Visual Basic highlights the OpenDatabase method so I am
assuming it thinks that it is an undeclared function of some kind.

I receive the same message when I try to add records using


except that the recordset property is highlighted

I would appreciate any help on this matter

Ryan Thompson

Sat, 08 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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