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I'm having trouble with the SQLTables() API function.  If I just
specify nothing, then it works fine, but if I specify an owner
then the fetch that should return SQL_NO_DATA_FOUND causes a GPF
in ODBC.DLL at 0007:06A0.  I looked in the ODBCSDK example code
and they just use NULLs.  Is it not possible to specify anything
else in VB?  I want to get all the tables owned by a particular
owner.  I was unable to specify the type either.  I think maybe
I am not passing in the strings right - it wants UCHAR * and
I did a Byval on fixed length strings.

I would like some help using this API function in VB please.
I know how to do it using the VB routines that go through jet, but
I was told to use the API and speed up the application so I am
stuck trying to get this to work.  I can fetch everything and then
wade through the results with VB, but I hope somebody out there
can show me the way to make this work.  Thanks - John Ham
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Fri, 02 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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