Problem with Dbase IV tables 
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 Problem with Dbase IV tables

I'm having a problem with accessing Dbase IV tables
in VB 4.0.  I have to make my tables usable with R&R
Report Writer v.6.5 so changing table types is not an
option. :(

  Anyway, what I'm trying to do is dynamically check to
see if any records exist matching a certain criterion.
If they do then I want to disable a couple of button
controls.  The criterion is based on input entered into
a combo box, therefore, I am trying to do my checking in
the change event of the combo box.  This is the code I'm

    Dim SomeData As Recordset, aDB As Database

    Set aDB = Workspaces(0).OpenDatabase("EMP", False, True, _
        "Dbase IV;DATABASE=" & App.Path)

    'group_num is an integer
    SQL$ = "Select * From EMP Where GROUP = " & Cstr(group_num)
    Set SomeData = aDB.OpenRecordset(SQL$, dbOpenDynaset)

    If SomeData.EOF Then  
      Command1.Enabled = False
      Command1.Enabled = True

I also tryed using a data control but it kept telling me my SQL
query was wrong.  This code gives me an error saying I have
a malformed where clause but The EXACT same query works fine
in a different portion of code where I'm changing the recordsource
property of a data control.  

Can anyone please help me with this?

                                        Thanks alot,
                                        Michael LeBlanc

Fri, 11 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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